Trolley Accessories

We provide a range of trolley accessories to make the shopping experience that little bit more enjoyable.


Classic Swing Gate


These solve the dilemma of how to push the trolley and select products whilst you are enjoying your favourite beverage. Learn more to see details on our three options available.



Pictured: Coffee Cup Holder

baby child red.jpg

Child/BABY seats and CAPSULES

In addition to the child seats built into the EL, SH and DR Series, we have frames to click baby car cradles into - all with child restraint straps.

Pictured: Child Baby Seat



Safety of our young ones is paramount. We have a variety of child restraint options available including clip seat belts, velcro seat belts and three point restraints.

Pictured: Standard velcro seatbelt


customised handles

We provide the option for customers to build their retail banner name, logo, tag line and branding colours into the trolley handles.

Pictured: Example of a customised handle

travelator wheels.jpg

Specialist wheels

Transporting goods smoothly and safely makes specific demands on trolleys and castors. We have a range of wheel solutions available including brake wheels, anti-static (electro conductor), travelator wheels and anti-theft locking wheel systems.

Pictured: Travelator wheels

bag hook on trolley.jpg

Bag HookS

With the nationwide push to eliminate plastic bags, the dilemma of where to hang the reusable bags has been dominant. We provide plastic hooks in red or black that attach to the front face of your trolleys keeping the basket free for products.

Pictured: Bag hook on Trolleys